CJIS compliant data intelligence platforms for police and fire departments.

Turn data from CAD/RMS, and other systems into actionable information.

Who We Are

Our team of professionals have backgrounds in law enforcement, information technology, and data sciences.

Brigade Analytics focuses solely on law enforcement and the fire service. We provide analytical software and other services to federal, state, local, and tribal agencies.

We work with each agency through a collaborative approach to extract and analyze large and small data sets. Brigade provides real-time updates through the application of streaming analytics.

This technology elevates resource utilization within the agency, allowing command staff to utilize innovative tools and subject-matter experts that help identify, analyze, and resolve problems.

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Our Solutions

Infuse data intelligence into your decisions.

A data toolkit for Police & Fire Departments

Improve the decision-making process with data analysis to enhance operations.

Ten Second Data Principle

Our goal is to make our data products understandable within 10 seconds.

Contact tracing based on past and active calls for service.

Identify personnel who have encountered an infected person.


We can customize our analytic solutions to your agency.

CJIS Compliant

Officer Impact

Property Room

Response Time

NIBRS Analysis

Officer Activity

Easily identify data and extract it from CAD/RMS into an Excel or CSV file.

Accessing CAD/RMS data is very challenging for most agency personnel. Crime analysts are left to pull reports and are often limited in the data that is accessible.

Brigade offers solutions for the working analyst

We can understand exactly what is needed and create a solution that requires little to no input from the analyst.

Custom data tools for each agency

We are versatile and have a broad skill set in the latest technologies involving business intelligence and backend operations.

Mining data is no small feat. Moving from an unstructured data set to one that is meaningful takes a careful eye, especially when dealing with police and fire calls for service.

Find hidden details and patterns in the data

Data transformation is the process of converting raw data into a format or structure that is suitable for analysis.

Data intelligence tools need experts

Public safety agencies have limited resources and deal with budget constraints that prevent them from adding personnel. There is no need to have a dedicated technology resource with Brigade.

Getting data into a format that is digestable takes work. Doing so with complex analytics takes even more work. Brigade helps agencies see CAD/RMS data in a completely new way.

An agency intelligence platform for police and fire departments

Do more with data that typically resides in the database and is not reviewed. Brigade applies statistical analysis to CAD/RMS data that enables command staff to offer data-driven decision making.

Access stunning dashboards and reports

Brigade offers executive information systems that can be customized for each agency. Current clients utilize our dashbaords for command staff meetings, council presentations, shift change, and much more.

We offer a variety of dashboards and platforms that display public safety data.


Offer your citizens a transparent view of your agency and financials.

City Management

Create a portal for city managment to cut down on requests for meetings and information.

Council Views

Keep the city council informed by allowing them access to a custom dashboard that provides information relevant to their specific needs.

Crime Reports

Stop sending generic data out of your agency and craft a public-facing dashboard for your municipality.

Spatial Analysis

We offer more than just a pin map. Our solutions involve heat mapping and a level of risk terrain analysis.

Unparalleled Communication

Brigade dashboards save time and money. You can improve communication with management, peers, staff, and citizens.


How are we doing?

Upon initially seeing the Brigade Analytics product in 2019, it was apparent that this was going to meet a need that we had as an agency. Since then, Brigade has done a tremendous job of updating and refreshing the dashboards to give us reliable, valid and relevant data in which to make better overall decisions. Due to the vast understanding of data and statistical analysis that Brigade has shown over the last two years, we can now get real time information as well as historical statistics in a matter of minutes when the same data before took hours to compile. Brigade has always been extremely responsive when a new data need came up and rapidly began working on filling that need. Now that we have the product, I would not know what we would do without it.

T. J. Walters

Asst. Chief, Wylie, Texas PD

Brigade Analytics created a custom dashboard for our department and completely changed the intelligence game for us. We were able to collect and analyze data quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The dashboard was extremely user friendly and the developer worked with us to provide a product that was a perfect fit for our agency. I can highly recommend this product to any organization looking to utilize technology for resource allocation and decision making. It is a great investment in identifying, analyzing, and resolving problems.

Michael Godfrey

Chief of Police (Ret.), Rowlett, Texas PD

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